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Moda Stayle

Turkish high waist Bermuda corset for body sculpting

  • Turkish Bermuda corset to tighten and sculpt the abdomen and thighs, and guarantees an attractive view of the butt, its cut is specially designed to lift and tighten the butt, as well as reach the abdomen and works to tighten it and show it with a graceful and consistent appearance.
  • Product Benefits and Specifications:

  • Works to tighten the waist and form the thighs
  • Sculpts the abdomen and buttocks
  • The stern raises
  • Can be attached to the bra
  • It has a silicone padded frame to ensure stability and non-slip
  • Flexible and stretchable
  • Made of soft and strong fabric at the same time, it does not leave any traces on the body, no matter how long you wear it
  • Industry composition: Polyimide fabric 82% Elastane 18%.
  • Made of polyamide, known for its strength, durability and resistance to friction while maintaining its elasticity and soft touch, while not suppressing the body and preserving its ability to breathe.
  • Product recommendations.
  • It is preferable to wash it by hand with water.
  • Size Waist(cm) Weight Hip(cm)
    S 58 -64 45 -59 kg 80 -90
    M 64 -76 60 -74 kg 90 -100
    L 74 -90 75 -84 kg 100 -118
    XL 90 -110 85 -94 kg 118 -130
    XXL 110 -140 95 -110kg 130-146

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