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Moda Stayle

Bermuda compression corset with bras

  • Turkish Bermuda corset with bras and shoulder straps that are comfortable and adjustable to be firm on the body and prevent slipping.
  • Product Benefits and Specifications:

  • It covers full body from the chest to the end of the thighs
  • Works to shape and sculpt thighs
  • Works to tighten the chest
  • made with balanced pressure technology to provide more comfort and ensure proper breathing
  • It works to raise the butt naturally
  • Smooth on the body and does not leave any traces, no matter how long you wear it.
  • The shoulder straps are flexible and adjustable to ensure the corset is attached to the body
  • Available in five sizes and in several colors
  • It guarantees smooth curves, a slim body and a graceful look
  • It does not appear under clothes
  • Helps lift butt naturally
  • It works to improve the general shape of the body, starting from the chest, then the stomach, through the waist and abdomen, to the end of the thighs
  • Manufactured with balanced pressure technology to ensure comfort and leave no marks on the body
  • The product conforms to European quality standards.
  • Industry composition: Polyimide fabric 82% Elastane 18%.
  • Made of polyamide, known for its strength, durability and resistance to friction while maintaining its elasticity and soft touch, while not suppressing the body and preserving its ability to breathe.
  • Product Recommendations:
  • It is better to wash it by hand with cold water
  • Not recommendedto use machine drying
  • Not recommended to use bleaching materials
  • Wash off with mild washing powder
  • made in Turkey.
  • Size Waist(cm) Weight Hip(cm)
    S 58 -64 45 -59 kg 80 -90
    M 64 -76 60 -74 kg 90 -100
    L 74 -90 75 -84 kg 100 -118
    XL 90 -110 85 -94 kg 118 -130
    XXL 110 -140 95 -110kg 130-146

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