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Moda Stayle

Classic women shorts corset

Body color

  • A high-waist women's corset above the knee, which works to sculpt the waist and form the thighs, and it is specially designed to tighten the body without leaving any traces.
  • Made of polyamide, known for its strength, durability and resistance to friction while maintaining its flexibility and soft touch, while not suppressing the body and preserving its ability to breathe.
  • Laser cut girdle for women specially designed to tighten the body without leaving any traces, and it is made of polyamide and elastane known for its exceptional flexibility and durability that exceeds rubber by special treatment methods and is cut by laser technology.
  • Product benefits and qualities: 
  • It works to lose and tighten the abdomen.
  • Works to sculpt the waist and hide the Sagging
  • Very effective in tightening the thighs and eliminating cellulite.
  • Contains silicone around the waist to ensure stability and non-slip
  • It feels slim and does not appear under clothing.
  • Industry composition: Polyimide fabric 82% Elastane 18%.
  • Size Waist(cm) Weight Hip(cm)
    S 58 -64 45 -59 kg 80 -90
    M 64 -76 60 -74 kg 90 -100
    L 74 -90 75 -84 kg 100 -118
    XL 90 -110 85 -94 kg 118 -130
    XXL 110 -140 95 -110kg 130-146

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