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Return Policy

Replacement and Returning Products Policy:

You didn’t like what you purchased? You don't have to worry at all. We, Moda Style Store, care about you, so we provide you the free replacing/returning policy.

If you need to return any piece of your order, you just need to inform us within, maximum a week from the day of purchase.

We pay taxes and fees to the government when your order arrives, so we will never be able to get back these taxes and fees of the returned order.

Returning Orders Policy:

In order to return any piece, it has to fulfill some conditions:

1- The product should be within the allowed mentioned time of returning orders. (A week after receipt.

2- The product should be in the same condition as it was received, and shouldn't be used.

3- The product should be in its original package.

4- Providing a receipt that proves the purchasing was conducted through our online store.

5- The product shouldn't be on the list of the products that we don't allow returning.

Damaged Orders:

In case you received any damaged product due to poor storage or shipping, please reach out immediately with you through (contact us) link, or via email and we will work on replacing this product or refund you, depending on what you prefer.

Products That are Inapplicable to be Returned:

We exclude some items from being returned, such as; underclothes, lingerie and products that can get spoiled like food, roses, magazines, dangerous substances and flammable substances.

Products that are purchased during a sale or within and offer.

Replacement Policy:

Products allowed to be replaced, are only the products that have defects or products that are damaged due to poor shipping, and they shouldn't have been used. Corsets cannot be replaced, so please take extra care while choosing your size.

Additional information:

If you order a product that is not available in our warehouse, we are committed to refund you the full amount via the same payment method you used when purchasing.

Moda Style store is committed to ship your order within 2 to 7 working days from the day of placing your order. Working days are from Monday to Friday; Saturday and Sunday are weekends.

Due to Covid-19 spread and the toll it puts on shipping companies, shipping timings might differ, but we are committed  to deliver within the mentioned above time unless there are any exceptional compelling circumstances.

How do we refund payments?

If the product fulfills all returning conditions, we will review your message and evaluate your request and we will inform you with the evaluation result whether it's approved or refused.

If your request is approved, we will refund you on your credit card that you used or your original payment method.

The refund is received within 7 to 20 working days at max.

In case your refund didn’t show in your account within 7 working days, you should review this with your bank or company that issued you your credit card.

In case you reviewed this with your bank and the refund didn't show in your account, please reach out to us on this email:

Important Note:

Customers afford all shipping costs when they want to return a product when there are not any defects in this product, and in the case of refunding, we will deduct the shipping amount before refunding you.

The shipping receipt of the returned product should be sent to ensure you received it.

The time you receive the replaced product might differ according to the country you live in.

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