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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Moda Style Store assures on respecting client's privacy and their rights in choosing how to use their personal data, therefore we give special care to protect our clients' data.

1-     What are the data that we collect about you?

When you are buying from Moda Style Store we get some of your personal data to conduct the sale and purchase, such as (name, address & email)

Additionally, when you visit our E-store we automatically get your device internet protocol IP, to be able to get data about your browser and operating system.

Moda Style Store doesn't share client's data including email with any third parties, unless it's necessary to provide products or services we offer.

We also don't disclose any data about the client without an expressed consent. This could happen only, when we need to to identify identity, contact the customer, protect their rights or the website rights as stipulated by law.

And we confirm with any third party who gets this personal data to not share it with any other parties.

Why do we keep your personal data?

  • Tax and regulatory obligations concerning personal data.
  •  The nature of the user's activity on the website (how often clients visit the website- Number of times of buying from the online store, number of times of browsing the online store).
  •  A specific demand by the user.
  •  Commercial reasons.

The website will delete any personal data we don't not need according to law.

Moda style website doesn't keep any details about your credit card.

2-     Marketing

 Moda Style website doesn't use client's data for marketing unless their expressed consent or subscription in the online store newsletters.

If you subscribe to newsletters or any of our marketing media, you will have the right to unsubscribe at any time on your own or by communicating with us.

3-     Data Is Used Only For The Purpose Provided.

When you provide us specific data, such as; your name, phone number, email address, home address and credit card information for the purpose of purchasing or replacing any of our products, we use this data only to achieve this purpose.

4-     Disclosure

Moda style store is allowed to disclose a client's personal data if it's required by legal authority or if the customer violated the terms of service.

5-      Shopify

Moda Style Store is hosted by Shopify online commercial platform that allows us to sell products and services to customers.

Shopify keeps your personal data in their archives and databases on safe domains behind a strong firewall.

6-     Payment

Purchasing transactions are saved and only used when necessary for conducting the purchase process. After the purchasing is done, all transactions data is deleted.

7-     External Links

While browsing our website some links may lead you to other websites. Thus, we are not responsible for privacy policies of these websites. We advise you take your time to read their privacy policies.

8-     Safety and Security

We use strong protective methods to prevent any illegal breach to your personal data.

We apply the security standards listed in the European law to protect general data, but we cannot provide ultimate protection against the dangers of information being transferred online.

We are not responsible for any illegal breach, unless there's a direct neglect to protect personal data.

We use SSL technology to encode your credit card information and save them by AES-256 code. While there has never been any 100% safe method to transfer and save data online, we apply all PCI-DSS procedures and the international standards to keep your information safe and secure.

Customer Rights:

Customers have the right to know what is the data collected about them by the seller. Additionally customers have the following rights according to European law:

1- To be informed about any of his personal data we may keep or deal with.

2- To access his personal data we may keep or deal with.

3- To require any modification or additions in his data

4- To require deleting his personal data or defining the procedures of dealing with it.

5- To require stopping to use his personal data.

6- To apply a complaint to the supervisory authority in case of facing an issue.

For inquiries please contact us on this following email:

Changing Privacy Policy:

This privacy policy may change from time to time and the modified version will be published on the website. In case of major changes, we inform you directly on your email.

We advise to overview privacy policy occasionally for any changes or updates.

If you have any question or fear that Moda Style Store would have access to your personal data, you can contact us directly via phone or email.

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