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March 21, 2021 2 min read

A few days separate us from the advent of summer, As the temperatures rise, which prompts everyone to change clothes and choose specific clothes that fit this season.

And choosing the appropriate clothes for the weather with high temperature is not an easy thing, which any mistake may cause health problems to the body, especially sensitive skin,

Many women are keen on choosing the appropriate clothes for this atmosphere with the beginning of summer, as they are get rid of wearing heavy winter clothes.

On the occasion of the approaching summer season, the "Moda Style" website will monitor the appropriate clothes that must be worn in the summer.

Loose clothes

Loose-clothes help to feel comfortable and contribute to mobility and ease of movement, so some people are keen to wear them continuously in the summer.

Skirts and dresses are also loose clothes that women are keen to wear beside clothes with short sleeves, as these clothes increase the feeling of comfort and prevent sweating.

And fashion experts recommend wearing wide clothes in the summer, especially for people who move from one place to another so that they don't feel hot and sweaty.

Cotton clothes

they always advised when choosing suitable clothes for the summer, to look for cotton clothes or clothes that contain linen or silk, and also the are warning from wearing any clothes that contain polyester or nylon.

The reason for the necessity to wear cotton clothes that contain linen is due to its ability to absorb sweat well, as it helps resist temperature and doesn't cause the body any infections.

Colorful clothes

and known that colored clothes reflect the temperature, while dark clothes absorb the temperature and increase the feeling of heat.

So, fashion experts advise to wear colored clothes during the summer, like "blue, white, yellow, and green", and Avoidance of dark clothes like "black, navy, or dark blue".

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