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April 21, 2021 2 min read

Characteristics of 100% cotton fabrics
Cotton seeds germinate, bloom, show the cotton fibers, the fibers are cleaned and made into threads, knots are woven by knots and become a fabric. In this article, "Moda Style" will present the most important features of cotton fabrics and the types of fabrics that contain cotton.

One of the most important advantages of cotton fabrics called 100% cotton is that they contain natural fibers, which are one of the most beneficial fabrics for the human body, as they absorb moisture well and keep the body cool by expelling heat outside the body. It is very comfortable to wear, does not produce static electricity like other polyester fabrics while wearing it, is very easy to use, gets dirty easily and is also easy to clean.

There are many types of fabrics that contain 100% cotton.

Some people prefer to use the jersey fabric as a stocking in the fall and winter.

Jersey fabric is higher in weight than other fabrics and has the advantage of keeping warm. It weighs between 155 grams and 170 grams. Textile is as solid as it feels. It does not appear on the inside when worn, is known to be the most durable type of fabric to wash, and does not shrink or stretch after washing.

Research that it is preferable to use viscose cotton cloth in the spring and summer.

Viscose cotton fabric is less and thinner in weight compared to other fabrics.

It prevents the human body from sweating in the summer and has the fastest sweat absorption feature. It ranges between 145 grams and 155 grams when you choose a suitable underwear that does not appear from the inside and is easy to iron, and in the same way it does not shrink and expand because it consists of cotton strings after washing.

The lycra is a jersey type which is suitable for autumn / winter use.

Contains "Lycra" compared to other fabrics, and it is a kind of fabric with high elasticity.

It contains 93% cotton (cotton) and 7 lycra in its blend. Its silky texture does not show inside and does not shrink and extend after washing.

Why should we choose cotton fabrics?

The healthiest texture for human skin is cotton. It does not stick to sweat like polyester fabrics does, it does not irritate the skin, absorbs sweat quickly, and keeps the body cool due to the fact that it is made entirely of natural fibers, not synthetic fibers.

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