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April 18, 2021 2 min read

White clothes are the most likely to get dirty. For this reason, the degree of washing differs from that of the colored one. As for white clothes, it must be washed under a special program and according to a certain degree. So, at what temperature and with what program are white clothes washed? This is what we are wondering about, and we will show it to you in this article on " Moda Style's website" .

One of the most important things isn't to mix colors, especially when washing white clothes. Otherwise, this might cause an error that cannot be fixed. Therefore, the best option is to separate the colors and wash the white clothes together. Of course, white clothes should be washed under a special temperature program while doing this.

To what degree and how are white clothes washed, how to wash white clothes, and on what program?

White clothes are washed to a certain degree and on a specific program. Since white clothes clearly show dirt, washing at 60 degrees is generally of great importance. Of course, when it comes to silk blouses and similar clothes, they cannot be washed at 60 degrees. For this reason, it is important to read washing instructions before washing clothes. However, in general, washing white clothes at 60 degrees allows them to be used cleanly while preserving their color.

When it comes to stains, a spatula can be used to remove white stains. Then soaking in cold water and pouring a special liquid detergent on it will allow the dirt to be completely removed. After that, all kinds of dirt can be washed easily inside the program for regular white clothes.

It is possible to wash white clothes at 50 or 60 degrees unless it is of silk. At the same time, white clothes can be washed easily by choosing one of the synthetic, cotton or woolen programs. Thus, the clothes can be used without the white color fading, as on the first day, and in a clean way. Of course, it is possible to choose depending on the washing procedure on the clothes.

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