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April 04, 2021 2 min read

A woman is always careful when choosing her clothes that it's stylish, comfortable and also suitable for her body shape, but what if she is pregnant or planning to become pregnant?

Once a woman knows that she is pregnant, she begins her journey in searching for suitable and comfortable clothes for the position and shape of her new body, which changes during the stages of pregnancy.

Even before her body shape changes, a pregnant woman is keen to choose comfortable and appropriate clothes for her body at every stage of pregnancy.

If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant soon and want to know how to choose comfortable clothes, we will provide you on the "Moda Style" website methods and tips for choosing clothes suitable for your body during pregnancy.

Pregnancy trousers

One of the clothes that a pregnant woman is looking for most is the "pants" for pregnant women, which are designed to suit the size of the abdomen through an elastic band that the pregnant woman adjusts according to the size of her stomach.

So, the first thing you look for, once you know your pregnancy is loose fitting maternity pants, buy two or three. You won't need it in early pregnancy, but it is necessary in the months when your belly gets bigger.


Dresses are considered comfortable clothes for women in general, and especially for pregnant women, as they are among the clothes that a pregnant woman is advised to wear at the beginning of pregnancy and even in the months before and after childbirth.

Dresses help you hide the size of your belly and give you comfort, so we recommend that you buy the dress with a comfortable and damp cloth and a design that is suitable for the period of breastfeeding as well.

Spacious and comfortable

In general, a pregnant woman should choose the clothes that she will wear during pregnancy, whether it is underwear or for going out, to always look for comfortable and spacious clothes that can be stretched and avoid tight clothes.

And you must bear in mind that these clothes are appropriate to wear during the breastfeeding period, so that you can breastfeed your child without exposing the stomach or breast.


It is known that a pregnant woman's breasts change during pregnancy, as it increases in size and becomes more sensitive, so at the beginning of your journey with pregnancy we recommend that you look for large and softer bras such as the cotton types.

You do not have to rely on one bra, every month your breast size changes, so every month you will need to buy a new one that fits the new change.

the shoes

warns against wearing high-heeled shoes during pregnancy, so if you are a woman who doesn't dispense with high heels, we recommend that you avoid it during pregnancy, as it is dangerous for you and your fetus.

Therefore, we advise you in this case to look for other alternatives that are comfortable for your feet and elegant at the same time, for example be sure to wear ballerinas and equal shoes.

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