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March 23, 2021 2 min read

The wedding dress is the dream for every girl, as this dream grows since childhood, so she waits for this night with passion, even if she doesn't know anything about married life.

So all that preoccupies every girl is to wear this white dress, and to look like princesses this night next to her partner.

So, on the approach of this day many of them are keen to choose a distinctive dress without any fault, If you are the expected bride and want to appear attractive, we recommend that you read this article.

In this article, the "Moda Style" website will monitor the most prominent problems that the bride falls into, which may lead to the destruction of her dress and spoil her look at the ceremony.

Colorful Dresses

Recently Spread the fashion of wearing white dresses which Overlaps it another colors like" Red Or Pink" which Saw many criticisms.

If you want to introduce another color to the color of the white dress, we advise you to avoid that so as not to be subjected to harsh criticism on the best night of your life.

But if you insist on introducing another color, we recommend that you include this color in the gerb or the accessories that you will wear.

Simple wedding dress

The more the wedding dress is simple in its details, the more beautiful and attractive, but despite this, some simple dresses exaggerated the simplicity of things that spoil your dress.

If you are one of the girls who doesn't prefer the exaggerated fashion in their design, we recommend that you choose a simple, but not exaggerated wedding dress design so that you do not lose the look of the princesses that you always dreamed of.

Veil wedding dress

The veil must be suitable for your dress, as the dress has embroidery, make sure that it is of the same pearls used in the dress, but we recommend that you always choose a light veil free of embroidery to highlight the beauty of the dress.

You must also make sure to choose the length of the veil, if your dress is wide, then a short veil is required, but if it is a fishtail dress, be sure to wear a long veil.

But in the end, we recommend that you wear the short veil, as it is the most suitable type for all body sizes, although the long veil that is dragged on the ground is suitable for short girls.

Avoid too many accessories

After choosing a wedding dress, many girls are keen to find suitable accessories for the dress, and there are those who fall into the trap of wearing many accessories, which spoils the dress.

If you want to enjoy a distinctive and simple look, make sure to wear only one or two pieces of accessories and do not overdo them so that you don't lose your glamor.

You don't need to use all the accessories together, the more you reduce these pieces, the greater the chance the pieces you choose will touch them on your final look.

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