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March 30, 2021 2 min read

What does fashion look like in 2021? For all the changes we've seen over the last year, fashion is still full of different styles as it's back to taking the style trends of the past.
When it comes to guessing this year's popular fashion pieces, we can say that there are two fashion trends: those who embraced the comfort and everyday nature of wearing clothes during the Corona virus and those who are ready to ditch 2020 clothes and adopt a different attitude than others.
Fashion goes wherever it goes, there are popular trends for it this year, and in this article, the Moda Style's website shows you 4 trends.

1- Corset inspired pieces

Bridgerton TV series was very popular in the world. By combining the old with the new, the audience connected him to himself. The period the series was talking about, the clothes, the houses, the cars, and the mansions are old, but the dialogues and the jokes are very recent. Of course, fashion trends have also been affected by this, as rococo and renaissance-style feminine clothing has become one of the trendy pieces of the season. Perhaps the most prominent example of this is the corsets that can be worn over T-shirts and jackets.

2-Thick shoes and sandals

In this season we're going to see a lot of shoes and sandals that are either slightly thicker or slightly round. While shoes were only a complement in the past, nowadays they are a mixture of inspiration in their own right ... Almost all shoe models from tall boots, sandals to round and pointed toe shoes have been replaced by a thicker and possibly coarse look.

3- Colorful square glass glasses

Fashion pioneers always inspire the past or the future. Mostly, they combine the past with the present. The predominant model in the eyewear industry. Now, sunglasses in colorful shades especially yellow and orange are in fashion. We'll see these glasses in the spring and summer months.

4- the short skirt

While the fashion trends we saw in the early 2000s keep making a comeback, the miniskirt, one of the most iconic pieces of the millennium style, reigns supreme again. Sure, these skirts might look like thick belts, but I don't think it's a good idea to show off some leg after seasons of midi and maxi skirts.

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