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March 08, 2021 2 min read

Tens of stars and famous are participate on Social Media because of International Women's Day, Taking this day as an occasion to remind a group of social and humanitarian issues.

Celebrities interact with International Women's Day
Social media celebrities and art stars interacted with International Women's Day, through the hashtag "International Women's Day", which Topping on various social networks

Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Njeim said in a tweet through her personal account on the social network site Twitter: “Greetings to the Lebanese woman for her determination and resilience in the shadow of everything that is happening in Lebanon, and a Greetings to the Arab woman in general. I saw her in the first rows, so she was like the leader to those around her, and I saw her in the last rows, so she was the guardian of her family, and I saw her in the middle, so she was the balance between her mind and her heart''

While the artist Cyrine Abdel Nour published a picture for herself congratulating the Women's Day, commenting on the picture by saying: “I'm the mother and the wife, I am a woman who believed in myself who worked and succeeded,. I am independent, free and strong. I convey this challenge to every woman who is still afraid, she is free and strong, even if she is afraid, she is smart"

And the artist, Nassif Zaitoun, wrote on his Twitter account on this occasion, saying: “Do you know that you are good tidings for us, And that you are a good that overflows here. Do you know that you are the source of life that roams time and narrates the world"

As for the writer Alia Abu Taya Al-Huwaiti, on this day, she referred to the greatness of the mothers of martyrs, saying: “The greatest of women are those who give birth to men armed with faith, knowledge, loyalty and honor, and the greatest of them are those who push their hearts into the squares of brutality to defeat an occupier and water the land of the homeland with blood so that the martyrdom of the freedom of the homeland springs.".

The well-known Algerian writer, Ahlam Mosteghanemi, published a picture of a woman on this occasion, commenting: "Her back bowed to make the world straight."

The Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury wrote: “We talk to you with a fraction, and you are the opening, the annexation and the silence in all the details of our life ...
You are strong, great, magnificent and solid, never to be broken. "

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