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April 01, 2021 2 min read

Black is the master of colors, and it is one of the colors that helps greatly to attract attention and increase confidence, so many people are keen to wear clothes that contain this color.

Who among us doesn't contain black clothes on her wardrobe? We all wear black clothes, whether on occasions or in general, because of its great role in increasing attractiveness and self-confidence.

Among the problems facing black clothes is changing their color and losing their luster when washing them in the wrong way, so many fans of wearing black clothes are keen to avoid incorrect habits when washing them.

"Moda Style" website will monitor the most prominent problems that lead to fading black clothes, and we will give you the most important tips to keep them without change. If you love wearing this type of clothing, we recommend that you read this article.

Warm water

Many of us fall into the trap of using "warm water" when washing clothes, thinking that this will help to clean them better. Yes, this is true, but not with all clothes.

For example, black clothes do not need warm water, so as not to lose their luster, as warm water removes the dye from the fibers, which leads to discoloration.

So, when washing your black clothes, avoid using warm water and make sure to wash them with cold water to preserve the dye for a longer period.

Wash when needed

Black clothes are considered "delicate" clothes that, although they carry a lot of dirt, it don't show that, as it look good no matter how dirty it is, but with repeated washing it change.

Therefore, it is preferable not to wash it continuously or to use a full washing cycle when cleaning it, so as not to cause fading of its color, we recommend that you wash it only when needed and use the shortest washing cycle when cleaning it.

don't mix black clothes with other clothes

It is always advisable to separate dark black clothes from clothes of other colors so that they don't lose its pigment when washing it, be sure to wash black clothes with similar clothes.

Whereas, if you wash dark clothes together, it will lose its color and then reabsorb it again, preserving its color for a longer period.

Vinegar and salt

Cleaning experts advise that when washing black clothes without causing any change in its color, apply a cup of vinegar or half a cup of “salt” at the start of the wash cycle.

This is due to the ability of vinegar to preserve the color of black clothes for a longer time, and it is also used as a softener for clothes, while salt prevents the dye from escaping.

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