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March 25, 2021 2 min read

The clothes of Handa erçel and Kerem Bürsin, the two heroes of the series "You knock on my door", One of the most excitement topics.

The actress Handa erçel, who embodies Eda in the series "You knock on my door", which is widely spread in Turkey and the Arab world, is keen to choose her outfits carefully.

Moda Style website, and as it keeps it up with the latest Turkish and international fashion trends, it reviews with you through these lines the most prominent looks and a collection of information about the clothes of the artist Handa erçel in her current series "You knock on my door".

Handa erçel, who embodies Eda in the series You Knock on My Door, recently occupied social networking sites, as "Handa" dazzled her followers with the beauty of her style in her clothing choices.
Handa erçel, who is on her way to becoming a billionaire at the age of 27 , when she publishes any post on her Instagram account, she becomes the talk of social media.
Millions of people talk about her extra beauty and her great success in all of her work, but recently, however, they talk about the huge sums the artist pays in her clothes and the superlative care she has made to improve her choice.
Some of her followers have wondered: Is Handa's clothes worth all the money she spent on? She is known to pay extremely high amounts for the clothes that she wears.

Handa is one of the most famous names in social media for her style of dressing, as she appeared a short while ago with a coat that turned out to be about two thousand Turkish liras for this coat.
That's why Handa fell into the mouths of social media.
We will try to share with you the clothes of the artist Handa and show you some of the brands that she uses in this article.
Some of the jackets, suits, sunglasses and accessories that "Eda" Handa wore in the series in Episode 36 that was shown on March 20 and in some other episodes.
Brands of Eda's jacket, suit and sunglasses:
Whereas The jacket and suit from Mango, sunglasses from Givenchy. 
We show you another look of a jacket from Zara.

And our last look for a suit from Bershka and a jacket from Mango.

At the end of the article, we would like to offer you several similar styles that you can shop from our website.

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