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March 25, 2021 2 min read

Dear how are the corset washed? And At what temperature is the corset washed?

I have a corset, I got it for the first time in my life as a gift, but since I haven't used it before I don’t know if it will be washed or anything like that.
Do you know whether the corset is washed in a washing machine or not?
Does it need a delicate wash or something?
In the beginning, Moda Style website reminds you that wearing corset improves your appearance and the appearance of your body, and with continuing to wear it, it will slim your body and appear more fit.
When you wear it, of course, you will wonder about how to wash it. IIs it washed in a washing machine or will you use hand washing?
Let's talk about what you can do in detail.

Is the corset washed?
Of course, the corsets are washed, but it is preferable to wash it by hands, and you can also wash it inside the washing machine, but it will not remain on its first strength and of course it will lose its properties so you must be very careful about washing it.

To what degree are the corsets washed?

You can wash it on a small program or on a program with a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, of course if you have a corset that is worn under the dress or pants, wash it, but if it is with buttons or clamps or straps, don't ever think about throwing it in the washing machine.

How to wash the corset?

If you have a corset that contains latex, I don't recommend washing it in hot water. I suggest you wash it with lukewarm water. Because hot water can distort the shape of the fabric.
When drying the corset, don't hang it on the rope and dry it. Place a towel on a flat surface and place the corset you washed on it and let it dry like this.
Don't use laundry bleach when you wash your corset, which can lead to wear.
Finally, don't fold the corset and put it in the closet, hang it on a hanger and store it like this in your closet.

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