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March 07, 2021 2 min read

Clothing is one of the important details of our life, and it varies from a person who is passionate about it to another who considers it secondary in life.

But there are some behaviors in the way of The handling way with clothes that must be taken in consideration, whether you are passionate about fashion or not, we are talking here about harmful behaviors that may reflect on you negatively if ignored.

Some people put an amount of their clothes inside the washing machine and leave it for a long period of time after washing it, They they ignore to let it at the air until it dries up for a long period of time, that leads to emit an unpleasant odor from it, Which leads us to wash it again so that the smell is gone.

These are bad habits that are harmful for your health, so what are the reasons?
Lucinda Uch, an expert at the Whirlpool Institute of Textile Science, says: It is possible to leave the laundry can be left to dry for 8 to 12 hours before hanging. and shouldn't be longer

And the expert in textile science indicated that leaving the laundry inside the washing machine for a period of the aforementioned hours doesn't have negative results, indicating that leaving it for a longer time than that will lead to the exit of an odor from the clothes.

What does it mean emission smell from washed clothes?

emitting this unpleasant odor means that the clothes have started to rot and the bacteria that form in damp environments are growing on them.

These bacteria usually cause health problems, which requires for washing the clothes again and spreading them again to dry.


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