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April 10, 2021 2 min read

Cleaning the house, which is a particularly frightening dream for a woman, also appears in the kitchen. So, what is the most efficient way to use your kitchen? Here's the art of using the kitchen in 10 steps

If you are storing unused items in your kitchen cabinets, it is time to throw them away - either give them to someone you know or sell them. If you haven't used the item in your closet within the last year, it is time to throw it away.

Fix any broken or not working items in your kitchen. If the bottom of your meal is on the stove, now take out your tool kit.
Place the pots and pans you use often on the lower shelves. For example, place soup pots on the lower shelves.

Reserve specific places in your kitchen to perform specific tasks. For example, make a food preparation corner. Put your materials here. Keep pots and pans in the cooking corner. Make sure it is close to the stove. Keep ingredients like flour, baking powder, and sugar near your oven. Keep serving dishes in one cupboard, not messy.

Keep as few items as possible on your work surface. It will give you comfort while doing your kitchen business, for example, put an item that you use once a week in your cupboard.

Regularly write down what is needed in your kitchen. Otherwise, worlds might collapse on your head if you need anything.

Use your kitchen only to prepare food and sit down at the table. Don't turn it into a playground or study room.

Perhaps the first rule of thumb for using your kitchen is cleanliness. Never leave your kitchen without cleaning. It is best to wash the dishes while eating or put them in the washing machine. Otherwise, your workload will increase for both the smell and the cleanliness of the dishes.

Whenever possible, store spices or foods such as rice, bulgur, salt, and sugar in glass jars. So you can see what's inside and save time. Of course, if you like, you can open all the jars one by one and see what's inside.

Given the average height of our women, the lower our shelves, the better. Low women-friendly cabinets are essential to our health and our operation.

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