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April 02, 2021 3 min read

If you care about your skin, you should know that you shouldn't miss sunscreens from your routine. However, you must use sunscreen not only in summer, but every day of the year. Because with each passing year, as your skin becomes more mature, the sun's influence on the world increases. So, are you ready to learn more about the benefits of using sunscreen in all seasons?

Why should you use sunscreen throughout the season?
The thinning of the ozone layer leads to more and more harmful rays from the sun reaching the earth every year. This situation, in the long run, is life threatening, but it also opens the door to important skin problems. So much so, that even on a winter's day when the weather is cloudy, sun damage continues. In fact, this damage is only reduced by 20 to 30 percent compared to a summer outdoors.

Sunlight that reaches the ground by passing through clouds can affect the skin by passing through windows, even in closed environments. Despite regular skin care, these are the reasons behind the unwanted appearance on the surface of the skin.

How to use sunscreen?

For sunscreens to penetrate the skin and provide full protection, they need to be applied 15-30 minutes before you go out in the sun. Plus, applying sunscreen too little prevents the sun protection feature from activating. For this reason, it must be applied as a thin layer to open areas of the skin in order to obtain the maximum effectiveness from the sunscreen. Sunscreens, no matter how severe, keep them effectively protected from the sun for two or two and a half hours, depending on the product. For this reason, the sunscreen needs to be refreshed at the same time.

Another point to consider in sunscreens is that the product has protection from UVA and UVB rays as well as sun protection factor (SPF) because UVB rays cause the oxidation of melanin in the skin, the UVA rays directly reach the layer The dermis and collagen and elastin fibers are damaged. Additionally, sunscreens should be used in the last stage of your skin care routine.

Note: You may prefer to use a moisturizer with sunscreen during this period, as the sun's rays are less in winter than in summer, and the skin needs more moisture.

Benefits of sunscreen in 10 steps

1) Protects against harmful sun rays: Sunscreens protect the skin from the sun's harmful rays.

2) Reduces the risk of skin cancer: 95% of UV rays that reach the world are UV rays. UVB rays cause mutation in the DNA by disrupting the skin's structure. For this reason, sunscreen is recommended for beauty as well as health.

3) Prevents fine lines and wrinkles: According to research, those who use sunscreen regularly appear younger than those who don't use it within a five-year period.

4) Prevents the formation of spots on the skin: Regular use of sunblock prevents the formation of spots caused by an increase in the level of melanin on the skin.

5) Prevents sunburn: Sunlight that directly penetrates the skin, especially in the summer, causes sunburn. Thanks to sunscreen, problems such as burns, swelling and peeling don't occur.

6) Moisturizing: Sun creams that create a barrier on the skin provide a healthy look by keeping the skin hydrated.

7) Protects against air pollution: Due to its components and structure, sunscreens reduce the effects of air pollution on the skin.

8) Provides elasticity to the skin: The skin's essential proteins such as collagen, keratin and elastin, which provide elasticity to the skin, are protected and strengthened by sunscreens.

9) It gives the skin a radiant look: Thanks to the regular use of sun cream, the appearance of dullness caused by the sun is reduced and the complexion is restored.

10) Prevents inequality in tone: Sunscreens prevent inequalities in tone caused by an unbalanced increase in melanin.

Are there any damages to the sunscreen?
Although there is an opinion that excessive use of sunscreens is harmful to the skin, this information is not proven, since the damage caused by the sun's rays cannot compete with any other damage to the skin.

Suggestion for sunscreen that you can use year-round:
Regardless of whether it is summer or winter, it is important to use sunscreen even when the weather is dark. That's why we've come up with a sunscreen recommendation that you can use every day of the year: La Roche Posay's Anthelios Series.

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